Project Management: The Superpower Behind Work-Life Balance 

Project Management: The Superpower Behind Work-Life Balance 

In the dynamic landscape of modern work, particularly the fast-paced world of Insurtech, achieving a balance between professional responsibilities and personal life is a perpetual challenge. However, for parents navigating the complexities of work and family, effective project management emerges as a superpower, empowering individuals to harmonise their diverse roles and responsibilities. 

Meet Aimee Carracher, Senior Programme Manager at Cenata 

In my journey as a working parent at Cenata, I have discovered that effective project management is the key to achieving a sustainable balance between my professional responsibilities and personal life. Let me share with you how project management has become my superpower in navigating the complexities of work and family dynamics, especially as sole breadwinner, and single parent to my five-year-old daughter. 

Navigating Daily Hurdles 

Every day presents its unique set of challenges. I need to plan Microsoft Teams meetings, telephone calls, and time in the London office around my daughter’s schedule as much as possible, always factoring in the school-run and after school activities, alternatively I must remember to arrange additional childcare as required. Heavy admin tasks are typically completed in the evenings, or at weekends. This can all be incredibly challenging at times, my job role inherently demands flexibility to accommodate requirements such as unanticipated problems to address, or workload peaks. Additionally, operating in the multiple time zones that we do, I can occasionally be required to be available 24-7! 

Personal Growth Amidst Challenges 

Before I even start my working day, I have already completed countless tasks at home, from meal preparations and attending to pets, to getting my daughter ready for school, and of course surviving any feelings of ‘mum guilt’! There are moments of frustration and exhaustion, for example, I once added a particularly disastrous commute into the mix and was almost brought to tears. However, a supportive workplace culture, including a hug from the boss, restores my faith and motivates me to persevere. Career progression is typically a challenge for single parents, there is simply never enough time to consider the next role and plan effectively. However, an understanding employer will support you, helping you grow and be your best self. 

Adaptability and Balancing Workload 

Being able to accommodate and adapt to different audiences is a crucial aspect of my job, whether it's tech teams, analysts, clients, or the C-suite. Switching seamlessly from work-mode to mum-mode, and back again, requires practice but is essential for navigating the demands of both roles. Moreover, managing aggressive deadlines adds another layer of complexity to balancing work and home life. These challenges require me to draw on my resourcefulness to navigate successfully. I am naturally very keen to be part of the team, approachable, in the office and in the thick of the action. I also have high expectations of myself, this drives me to perform and achieve, both at work and in my personal life. 

Industry Insights and Support 

The commitment to supporting working parents is gaining traction in the industry, as evidenced by the initiatives of companies like Loadsure and Genasys. Leaders like Johnny McCord prioritise personal happiness and domestic peace, recognising their pivotal role in professional success. Additionally, insights from Insurance Times shed light on the ongoing societal assumptions and gender pay gap challenges faced by working parents in the Insurtech sector. 

Company Support and Trust 

Cenata supports my goals, allows me to be myself, and trusts me to organise my workload as needed. This empowerment fosters positive morale and better outcomes for all involved, enabling me to thrive both personally and professionally. Don’t get me wrong, life is challenging on a daily basis, but companies such as Cenata empathise and help you navigate life. 

Closing Thoughts 

In conclusion, project management has truly been my superpower. By employing effective project management skills across all areas of life, together with Cenata fostering a supportive and empowering culture, Cenata’s working parents can deliver with resilience and grace. 

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