Cenata Team Day: A Yacht Adventure on the South Coast

Cenata Team Day: A Yacht Adventure on the South Coast

Our recent team day on a yacht was an extraordinary experience, marking a highlight in our annual events calendar. This year, we embarked on a scenic journey from Swanwick Marina to the Isle of Wight, enjoying a day filled with camaraderie, high-speed thrills, and insightful discussions.

Fifteen of our team members, hailing from our London and Baku offices, gathered for this special outing. These types of event are invaluable, fostering a culture of collaboration and unity across our global workforce. Despite an overcast morning, the weather brightened up in the afternoon, setting the perfect backdrop for our adventure.

Our trip included a few exhilarating detours where we took out a Williams Jet Tender for some high-speed rides. The thrill of speeding across the waves added an extra layer of excitement to our day.

For lunch, we docked at the historic harbour town of Yarmouth and dined at ‘On the Rocks’. The restaurant provided a fantastic setting for our team to relax and enjoy delicious food, while soaking in the beautiful coastal scenery.

On our return leg, we made a brief stop at Cowes, a world-famous regatta venue. Here, we marvelled at the array of stunning yachts and absorbed the vibrant maritime atmosphere. This stop was a particular treat, allowing us to witness the elegance and prestige of the yachting world up close.

Throughout the day, there was ample opportunity for quality time together. We discussed new business opportunities, shared innovative ideas, and even managed to complete some important documents that needed whole team input. This blend of work and leisure exemplifies the productive synergy that such events foster within our team.

This annual event is always eagerly anticipated, and this year was no exception. The day was a perfect mix of relaxation, thrill, and productive discussion, leaving everyone looking forward to the next outing.

A special thank you goes to Larry Sullivan, Chairman and Founder at Leo Lion, the group that owns Cenata. His generosity in offering his yacht and his warm hospitality made this memorable day possible.

As we sail back into our daily routines, the memories of this day will continue to inspire us, reinforcing the strong bonds that make Cenata a unique and thriving workplace.

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