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Transforming the world through Business

Cenata is part of the Leo Lion Group, an innovative and values led organisation that is seeking to transform the way businesses are conceived and operated.


Transforming the world through Business

At Leo Lion, we're on a mission to usher in a transformative shift in the way businesses are conceived and operated. We firmly believe that when values take center stage in corporate endeavor's, businesses become a potent force for securing both social and economic prosperity. Our values transcend the boundaries of traditional social responsibility, philanthropy, and sustainability efforts. Our unwavering belief in this innovative approach drives us, and we foresee it as the catalyst for economic evolution.

We want to change the way the world thinks and acts on poverty, disability, and injustice

The Future of Capitalism is a Leo Lion initiative, running annually to 2027

Be a business with a heart...

Realise your ambitions and use your business success to make a difference. The 'Future of Capitalism' competition aims to fund tech start-ups that are passionate about making both a commercial and a social impact.

Finalists will be invited to pitch for an investment of $5m in front of a prestigious panel of judges, whilst exciting opportunities await with influential partners such as Barclays and Warwick University.

The competition's founder, Leo Lion, is committed to using business success and commercial acumen as a platform to support social projects across the world through the Leo Lion Foundation.  

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cenata is proud to support the Leo Lion Foundation

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